A software engineer (previously structural engineer) in Oakland, CA.

LinkedIn: here

Hobby Projects:
Project and SourceDemoTry ItNotes
A Fflam is a webpage! GitHub Pages Randomly serves up one of the (many) quotes in the Chronicles of Prydain series of the form "A Fflam is _"
Project Euler Solutions to the first 100 Project Euler problems.
Album of Babel GitHub Pages Every possible picture using 24-bit RGB color and a 16px by 16 px palette. Learning some TypeScript
Pixel Dungeon Echo YouTube Google Play A mod of the classic roguelike dungeon crawler. Wiki page. Practice with Java, Android, and working with large legacy codebase.
Collatzy Heroku1
A web app for exploring variants of the Collatz Conjecture. An exercise to learn some of the Spring framework: Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, JPA and Hibernate with PostgreSQL, REST
GifTessera YouTube (v1.3)
YouTube (v1.0)
Google Play
Giphy Examples
An Android app for creating low-res animations in-app or as gif export. Learning Kotlin, Google Play, using the file system, and generally more about Android development.
LeetCode The LeetCode problems I've tackled so far. Practice with Java, Python, problem solving/algorithms, and unit testing.
Racetrack YouTube JAR2 The classic pen and paper game, Racetrack done in Java with an AI course solver.
Dragon Curve Maker YouTube Heroku1 An app that helps you play with creating fractal dragon curves. Learning Python, JavaScript, Django, SQL
CSS Experiments YouTube GitHub Pages Some pages with HTML/CSS/SCSS experiments
The RPSer YouTube Heroku1 A bot that tries to learn from your past plays to beat you at Rock Paper Scissors. Learning Python, JavaScript, Django, SQL
1 Note Heroku apps made use of resources which have been discontinued, so are no longer functional.
2 For Executable JAR file (you'll need a Java Runtime Environment, JRE, installed ).